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Through the FQHCSource blog, I will frequently be sharing the latest bit of info I’ve heard in my circles along with my own thoughts on how to operationalize the Compliance Manual. I will also be sharing some documents that I have developed that have made my work faster/better/easier and that I think you might also like. Most importantly though is your participation. Please ask me questions, ask others questions, just remember to keep it in relation to FQHCs. If we find we have a really hard questions, or we want a 12th opinion, I will reach out to my dear friends and powerhouses in the field and get their insight.

Continuous Compliance – working together we can meet this challenge!

– Eileen Tremaine


Transportation Grants for Rural Veterans (6/8/2018) - The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Transportation Program is seeking grant applications for the Transportation of Veterans in Highly Rural Areas. This program funds innovative approaches to transporting veterans in highly rural areas who typically have longer commute times to VA medical centers. Funding is for up to $50,000 for one year and the […]
New Access Point Funding Review (6/7/2018) - A client asked me to complete a review of the last NAP Funding Opportunity Announcement, HRSA-17-009, and I thought I would pass it along. It’s been an interesting read and has helped me put some parameters around what could work. Have a lovely evening. TCG NAP HRSA-17-009
New Access Point – The Prelude (5/16/2018) -   The pending New Access Point grant opportunity(ies) are creating quite a stir for health centers here in California. Many have been waiting for a long time either with rejected applications to revamp and resubmit, or with new identified needs and directions that are community-engaged. Whatever the case may be, what is your plan? Are […]