Continuous Compliance – An Affordable Solution to HRSA’s Compliance Mandate


“Continuous Compliance” is a term used today by Jim Macrae, Associate Administrator Bureau of Primary Health Care Health Resources and Services Administration U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on the BPHC All-Programs Webcast. He was speaking about health centers and how they need to adopt a practice of compliance with their FQHC program throughout the year, not just before you have an Operational Site Visit. It makes sense to me!

In support of health centers as you transition from the old PINS and PALS to the new Compliance Manual and as you develop your “continuous compliance” program, TCG has developed a consulting service that is affordable and ongoing. With an initial review followed by ongoing support and consulting services, the program will enable you to work with highly-skilled consultants through the year.

The Tremaine Consulting Group’s FQHC Continuous Compliance Package will provide expert consulting for the following:
A. Section 330 Compliance Risk Assessment – Initial Review of 18 Program Requirements
B. Develop Action Plan for completion of the identified risks.
C. Conduct Quarterly FQHC Compliance Meetings.
D. Provide 20 hours of consulting support per quarter to support the development of needed processes or documents to correct deficiencies identified in the Risk Assessment. Any other needed consulting can be accessed up to the 20 hours per quarter.

  • Initial Program Development – Items A and B listed above: Consulting includes a 2-Day Onsite Visit and the development of Action Plan for identified risks. $10,000/one-time cost
  • Ongoing Program – Items C and D listed above: Consulting support for 20 hrs/quarter. $4,000/quarter

The program kicks off with a two-day site visit providing a Compliance Manual overview and the completion of the Compliance Risk Assessment that identified key areas of improvement and a timeline for completion of the work. The program continues with quarterly FQHC Compliance Meetings to update program status and complete random audits should there not be any current identified areas of improvement.

Call me today to get your health center enrolled – (530) 524-5420. I’m only taking ten health center clients for this program so don’t wait until the slots are gone!


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